A Celebration in The Big Easy

My dear, dear sister-friend (that's a term, right?) is getting married! What’s the best way to celebrate your favorite bride-to-be? Take her to New Orleans! (Duh…)

The Mississippi River, looking particularly lovely. 
After several months of careful planning (with lots of help from an amazing bridesmaid) and keeping all the secrets away from the bride, New Orleans was upon us! One weekend, seven girls (and one boy!), and a whole lot of Bourbon Street – it’s a recipe for success!

Let’s focus on the most important parts of the weekend.

Food. SO MUCH FOOD, you guys! Shrimp and grits, beignets, doritos (that’s right). We ate well that weekend. We had a lovely fancy-pants dinner at Commander’s Palace, but I would say the best meal of all was our last night there. We went to Port of Call, which was recommended by literally everyone we spoke to, and it did not disappoint. They’re known for their burgers – in fact, their menu offers little else. And don’t be silly and get something else, because that burger was AMAZING. They serve it with a baked potato on the side, which worried me as a lover of French fries, but it was awesome. And the cheese on the burger was shredded rather than sliced. You may not think that makes much of a difference, but it totally, TOTALLY does. If you’re going to New Orleans, go to Port of Call.

This burger, you guys. THIS BURGER.
Swamps & Gators. Yep, we spent an afternoon on a swamp feeding alligators, and it was awesome. We had a private tour, and our tour guide—Captain Sonny—was awesome. He let everyone have a turn feeding the gators hot dogs and marshmallows (because that's what gators eat in the wild?), and we even got to see some wild boars too.

#gimmedatmarshmallow (that's how I'd imagine this guy would hashtag this moment...) 
Dueling Pianos. I didn’t know dueling piano bars were a thing, but they are and they’re really fun. We stopped by Pat O’Brien’s after an amazing brunch (FOODZ) and had a grand ol' time requesting classic songs and singing along at the top of our lungs.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Caroliiiiiiiine 
Dranks. NOLA is apparently known for a lot of different drinks – Hurricanes, Grenades….actually, maybe just those two. I’m not the biggest fan of super sweet drinks, so I didn’t partake in these myself. BUT many others in the group did, and I heard rave reviews.

Overall, it was quite a successful weekend! With eight different people, there was definitely the potential of some serious drama, but we avoided that and had an awesome time. And the bride enjoyed herself, too, which is the ultimate measure of success. And this picture perfectly describes how everyone felt on the flight home ;)

Check out some more pictures from the weekend on Instagram using #NOLAlla (that’s right – we had a hashtag).

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