Speed Shopping: Can I Find a Dress in Less Than 30 Minutes?

I had an impossible task: Find a floor-length evening dress that is super inexpensive and doesn’t need any alterations. That last one is especially tricky because I’m only 5’2” and all floor-length dresses assume the wearer is no shorter than 6'5".

In what had to be the biggest fluke of all time, I popped into a TJ Maxx with only 30 minutes to spare before attending a comedy show, and there was a dress that fit the bill. To be fair, it could’ve been a little cheaper, but I wasn’t too upset since it didn’t need to be hemmed at all (once I put on some 4-inch heels…)

So the following weekend, I headed to Philadelphia and wore this winner of a dress with shoes I already owned (win!) and a clutch that matches perfectly (double win!), and I will forever be prepared for any black tie events that come my way!

My magical find!
Also, the cherry on top was finding the perfect shade of burgundy nail polish while waiting in line to pay – and for just a fraction of the regular price. It was a good day, you guys.

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