True Life: I'm a [Recovering] Soda Addict

If you know me, you know I'm fond of the soda. I weened myself off of regular coke in high school and refuse to go down the rabbit hole of "just one sip is fine..." because that's the first thing an addict says. Diet soda, on the other hand, is my jam. Coke Zero and Cherry Coke Zero are my go-tos, but I've never been one to refuse a Diet Coke. I feel compelled to mention that while I'm definitely addicted to soda, I can control it to some degree. A soda a day is typical, but usually not more than that. Ok fine, occasionally two sodas a day but that's it!

Cut to 16 weeks ago (SIXTEEN WEEKS, YOU GUYS), the last time I tasted that sweet, sweet nectar. I had been having these frequent and unpleasant stomach aches, and a friend mentioned that maybe it's the carbonation in the soda I drink. I decided she's crazy and proceeded to have a soda the next day, and boom! Stomach ache. So I gave it a shot. I took a soda break and lo and behold, no more stomach aches.

That was pretty upsetting news for the obvious reason (no more soda), but also because it meant I should avoid all carbonation. That means no seltzer (meh, I'll live) and no more champagne (THIS JUST GOT REAL). I'll confess I've had some seltzer and some champagne and I've just powered through the stomach aches. But I decided to take this opportunity to really quit soda (for now...let's be serious).

I've seen some changes in my fluid consumption over these 16 weeks. The biggest one being that I used to almost never drink water (I know, I know...not ideal). It would take me at least a week to finish a regular 16.9 oz water bottle -- usually longer. But now I drink a lot (by comparison) of water. I even crave it! I also used to only tolerate water if it was ice, ice cold. Anything remotely warmer than that would simply not do. Now, I dare say, I almost prefer room temperature water.

I've always been a lover of iced tea and that hasn't changed. The southerner that I have hiding inside of me loves sweet tea, but the realist that I've become only drinks unsweetened tea, especially since my intake has increased dramatically.

So, now it's just a matter of seeing how long this will last. Maybe I'll reach a point when I can have an occasional soda, but I'm not ready to risk that just yet. For now I'll continue counting my weeks of soda sobriety while I drink my water and iced tea. And champagne. Cheers, y'all!

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