Who doesn't like free stuff?


You guys, it's almost Christmas! I had big plans for myself this year and I was certain I was going to be ahead of the curve in terms of being ready. That did not happen.

Back in October I started making lists of gift ideas for the people I wanted to get something for. My plan was to order things in advance so that when December came, I could rest easy knowing I was done. Points for trying, I guess?

But that aside, I did stumble across some awesome freebies online that I wanted to share. I'm a sucker for a freebie...even if I'll never use it. In this case, my freebie excitement is for printable gift tags for holiday gifts. I found so many online, so I wanted to share the wealth. I claim no ownership over these -- all sources are included below.


Free Chalkboard-Style Printable Gift Tags from Poppytalk

The Gift of Tags (2014 edition) from Orange You Lucky

(You can also get Orange You Lucky's 2012 tags, 2011 tags, and 2010 tags -- they're all adorable!)

If you've found other freebies online, send them my way! Thanks in advance :)

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