Adventures in Baking: Mini Pies!

Blackberry Mini Pie. I can assure you it tasted better than it looked. 
If you love pie (which obviously you do because you're human) and tiny things, this post is for you! I recently tried my hand at baking mini pies, and I must say they turned out pretty well. I got the idea during a (very productive) meeting with my boss where we discussed important things like our love of fruit pies and our shared confusion by people who don't like fruit pies (there was a theme, obviously).

So, inspired by this discussion, I decided to give it a shot. I tend to leave the baking to my mom, but I learned that I can handle some simple recipes on my own.

I ended up merging two different recipes (advanced stuff for a novice like me) that I found in a quick 30-second Pinterest search. One recipe was specifically for mini pies, which I thought was important for baking temperature and time, but it called for canned pie filling. I was feeling a little more adventurous than that, so I used a second recipe specifically for the filling. It went well.

Blackberry filling. AKA blackberries sitting in sugar, flour, salt and lemon juice. 
Not the most attractive, especially those dumpling-looking guys on the left :/
Oozy goodness!
I ended up giving most of them to my parents because I don't need pies lying around my house, and my dad said they were really good (and he'd definitely tell me if he didn't like them).

So, cut to a few weeks later (aka three days ago), I decided to give mini pies another shot -- but this time using cherry filling! Cherry pie has always been a weakness of mine, so it was only a matter of time before this happened. I also switched it up a bit by using a jumbo muffin tin. So I guess you could say these were jumbo mini pies (lol..no? ok...).

The filling looked basically the same.
I folded the dough together a little more properly this time, so they were less dumpling-looking. 
In my rush to get these in the oven, I managed to leave out an ingredient: the tiny cubes of butter that go into the filling. I couldn't tell if this was important or not, since one of my merged recipes called for butter but the other one didn't. They tasted fine to me, and my taste-tester (dad) didn't seem to notice either. So, the moral of this story: If you forget tiny cubes of butter, you may still be ok.

Only one oozer in this batch! 
Stay tuned for my next baking adventure, which includes two different types of cookies!

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