Birthday Fun!

Having to go to work on your birthday isn't necessarily a bad thing. In my case, my birthday fell on a national holiday; however, my office does not observe that holiday (womp). I considered taking the day off, but I had some things to do so I opted to take the next day off instead. I called that my birthday present to myself.

I work with an awesome group of people. My day started with a balloon and a latte, which means it was the best Monday on record. My teammates took me to lunch in the afternoon, which was yummy and lots of fun. We talked about what'll happen when the internet implodes. Spoiler alert: We'll all be out of jobs, and I should consider learning a non-internet-based trade as a back-up. Then, after lunch, they surprised me with a homemade trifle that was DEEEEE-licious!

Yummy delicious trifle 

Fun fact: One of my coworkers/friends can not only bake bomb dot com desserts, like that trifle, but she also has her own greeting card business. She hasn't launched her Etsy store yet, but I can assure you that when she does, I'll be blogging about all my favorite cards. Here's the original creation she gave me for my birthday. It's pretty on the nose with who I am as a person. #allhashtags #allthetime

Awesome card, and awesome handwriting on that envelope!
My other coworker/friend happens to basically be internet famous with her blog, Shrimp Salad Circus. She also designed my blog background because #skills. That's her amazing calligraphy at work on the envelope. I'm pretty sure I've never kept the envelop from a card before (I always keeps cards though), but I'm definitely keeping that one.

After work, I went to my parents' house for dinner and (more) dessert. My mom made one of my favorite Persian dishes, and I got my favorite cake in the history of cakes for dessert. My mom is an awesome baker, so usually she makes my birthday dessert, but not this year. I haven't had this cake in ages, as a result, and man...it's even better than I remember. If you want to experience the amazingness for yourself, pay a visit to the Classic Bakery. Their raisin cookies are fantastic, too.

This is my happy place
I took the leftover cake home with me, obviously. I won't tell you how long it lasted (hint: not long), but let's just say I savored every bite and didn't give it a chance to get stale ;)

Cake and tea for breakfast. I have no regrets. 

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