Hosting parties is not for the faint of heart

I had a birthday recently (let's not discuss numbers...), and I decided to have a few friends over to my apartment to celebrate. My plan was to have a little food, some drinks, and play a solid game of Cards Against Humanity.

I went a little crazy with the snacks and decided to really put my Pinterest recipes to work. I've grown up with the mentality that you can't run out of food when you're having people over, so naturally I made way too much, especially considering the size of the group. The menu included:
  • Prosciutto-wrapped goat cheese and fig jam (a variation of this recipe)
  • 6-layer dip (like 7-layer dip, but missing a layer. This is my mom's recipe; I've included it below.)
  • Buffalo chicken bites (frozen from Costco...shhh....)
  • Guacamole deviled eggs (a variation of this recipe
  • Guacamole (from Whole Foods)
  • Hummus (from Trader Joe's)
  • Veggies and chips (for dipping...or just eating)
  • A meat and cheese platter (variety from Trader Joe's)
  • Nutella-stuffed sugar cookies (previously seen here)
  • Mini blackberry pies (previously seen here)
  • Gluten-free brownies (from a box. I'm not that skilled)
  • Sparkling sangria (I used this recipe)
  • Various other drink options
Here's a look at all the snacky-snacks...

Prosciutto-wrapped goat cheese and fig jam
6-layer dip, buffalo chicken bites, guacamole, and guacamole deviled eggs. Sadly, I hadn't put the sparkling sangria out before I took this picture. Oops. 
Veggies, ranch, hummus, pita chips, all the cheese!, meat, crackers, and grapes
Dessert central! Nutella-stuffed sugar cookies, gluten-free brownies, and blackberry mini pies
The party definitely went well (I think...), but man... hosting is hard! I was making all that food from 9am until just before people starting arriving at 7:30pm. I unfortunately do not have a dishwasher, so I tried to stay on top of the dishes by doing them as I went along. I probably would've died if I hadn't done that, but it was still a lot to clean up at the end. 

But hanging out with friends is always fun, so the work was worth it. That said, I'm confident my next party will involve way less homemade food and way more takeout pizza. :)

If you're interested in the 6-layer dip recipe (it was very popular, might I add), you're in luck. I don't think it's a secret (if it is, sorry Mom!) and it's SUPER easy!

6-Layer Dip
Layer 1: Bean dip (my mom recommends Fritos brand, which is IMPOSSIBLE to find. I stole her last two cans of it...). An alternative: Refried beans
Layer 2: Sour cream with taco seasoning mixed into it
Layer 3: Grated cheese. Any kind works; I used a Mexican blend
Layer 4: Tomatoes. I love tomatoes, so I recommend you go heavy on this one. But that's not a requirement
Layer 5: Black olives, sliced
Layer 6: Lettuce. I don't love lettuce, so I lightened up on this. It didn't seem to bother the lettuce lovers.

That's it! You can dig it right away, or refrigerate it until you're ready to serve!

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