What I’m Watching #1: Banshee

Not-so-little-known fact about me: I’m a TV fanatic. I have several shows that I follow regularly, and I somehow manage to consistently add more shows to that list.

So, I thought I’d tell you about my favorite shows in a series of posts. First up is a possibly lesser-known show called Banshee, which airs on Fridays on Cinemax.

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Mani Monday #1: Roses

Happy Monday, friends! Mondays are hard. I struggle to get out of bed (more so than usual) and it seems to take me forever to fully "wake up" and start my day. So I think a great way to make Mondays a little happier is to start a Mani Mondays feature! I love a good alliteration, even if it isn't the most original, and I love nail polish. So, here we go!

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Valentine's Day Nail Fun!

Top: Julep "Phyllis" | Bottom: Julep "Hartleigh" | Photos from Julep.com

I will take any opportunity to be festive when it comes to my nails. Any. Opportunity. Valentine's Day was no different, even though I didn't actually celebrate it. My friend Lindsay, aka the genius behind Shrimp Salad Circus, let me borrow the most amazingly festive nail polish ever, meaning I got to take it a step above just painting my nails red and pink.

How adorable is that heart glitter? Lindsay warned me that you have to really work for it to get those hearts out, but it was totally worth it. Following Lindsay's lead, I layered the glitter over the pale pink to make sure the sparkles popped.

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My first lesson in Persian cooking

People who know me would definitely not describe me as someone who cooks. I'm capable (probably...), but I just don't do it. Which is why it's fascinating that my last several posts have somehow involved food. But I digress...

After many, many years, the time finally arrived when I decided I should probably learn how to make some of my favorite foods. Most, if not all, of my favorite foods are Persian, which automatically means they are not quick or particularly straightforward. But my mom (who is not my Persian parent, as it turns out), recently started making several of my favorite foods in her Crock Pot, and they're still delicious! Since I now have a Crock Pot of my own, I figured I might as well learn how to make these foods myself. 

Lesson one was a dish called Ghormeh Sabzi. Wikipedia calls it the Iranian National Dish. I don't know about all that, but it was my first favorite food so I decided I should learn it first. My mom and I went grocery shopping together where I proceeded to follow her around with a pen and paper as she put the ingredients in the cart.

UPDATE: If you'd like to try another Persian dish, check out my post on Khoresht Karafs (celery stew)

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