Valentine's Day Nail Fun!

Top: Julep "Phyllis" | Bottom: Julep "Hartleigh" | Photos from Julep.com

I will take any opportunity to be festive when it comes to my nails. Any. Opportunity. Valentine's Day was no different, even though I didn't actually celebrate it. My friend Lindsay, aka the genius behind Shrimp Salad Circus, let me borrow the most amazingly festive nail polish ever, meaning I got to take it a step above just painting my nails red and pink.

How adorable is that heart glitter? Lindsay warned me that you have to really work for it to get those hearts out, but it was totally worth it. Following Lindsay's lead, I layered the glitter over the pale pink to make sure the sparkles popped.

The pink by itself is actually a really great shade. It's pretty neutral too, if you aren't into going too crazy with your nail colors, or if you have an event that requires tamer than usual nails. But that's for another day.

I tried to put the hearts in both directions to make them look more random and so that they weren't all upside down depending on which way you look at my hand. My favorite nail is the pinky in the picture above. It was an accident, but I love how that heart is resting right along the edge of my nail.

I was kind of worried my nails would chip pretty fast, or that I would pick the polish off since it's very three dimensional, but I managed to keep it on from Tuesday night all the way through Saturday evening. For me, that's pretty long.

And as a bonus, look at how Lindsay's nails matched her donut last week! #winning.

Photo from ShrimpSaladCircus on Instagram

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