10 Shelving Ideas For Your Home


I love imagining the kinds of things I'll have in my future home. I bring some of my ideas to life in my current apartment, but since I'm renting, I'm trying to hold off on any big projects/purchases until I own a place. So, for now, I continue to pin!

I've been pretty interested in shelving lately (thanks again to that HGTV obsession I mentioned before). I could really use some more shelving now to help keep myself organized (and to display pretty things, of course), so I've been looking around. Here are some of the ones that I've really liked recently.

1. Ladder Bookcase
This is a pretty easy bookcase, especially for a rental home. It's inexpensive, and it doesn't require a ton of holes in the walls. I like this one in particular because it comes in this pretty teal color and a nice green color, too.

via Wayfair

2. Reclaimed Pallets
The style of this reminds me of Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper -- it's reclaimed and distressed, it involves flowers. It's right up her alley (check out her Instagram to see what I mean). I really like the look of this shelf, especially for a hallway or entryway. And this Etsy seller lets buyers choose from several color options, so it's easy to tie it into your existing decor.

3. Corner Shelves
I've seen a lot of standing shelves meant for corners, but I really like the built-in feature of these particular shelves. It's a great way to use space that can't really be used in other ways, and I like that it keeps the floor free underneath. I bet a dog or a cat would like to snuggle in that corner nook.

4. Floating Shelves
Floating shelves might be my favorite thing right now. I love these in particular because they're stained dark and they're really thick. The minimalistic look is so nice -- they're modern but homey at the same time.

5.  Restoration Hardware-Inspired
I saw these on Pinterest awhile back and fell in love. They seem pretty simple to make, too. I love the wood mixed with the metal. Very industrial. I have these on my list of future DIY projects.

6.  Apple Crate Shelving
I like the idea of reusing old crates to make shelves. It's a bulkier option than the floating shelves, but it gives it an interesting story. This one in particular is nice because of the different directions of the crates. Depending on what you display on this shelf, it could look pretty cool.

7. Modern and Compartmentalized
I found this one on a recent Overstock bender (I don't want to talk about it). I like the modern look and the color of the wood. I also like how there are different sections (so to speak) within the shelves. It could look interesting if you mix objects with books (like they've done in the picture below).

8. Cubed 
This is another Overstock find. Again, I like the modern look and the color of the wood. This is probably the type of shelf that would look best with all the matching pieces of the set (that desk off to the side is calling my name too).

9. Tree Branch
This one definitely isn't your typical shelf, and that's what I love about it. It would look great in a nursery or a kid's room. It would also be great in a common area where people will see it because it's a work of art.

10. Narrow Shelving
I believe these shelves are intended for picture frames, but being that I'm a nail polish addict with a seriously alarming collection, I would use it like this person below. It's perfect to see all the color options without taking up a ton of space. For reference, the shelves are from Ikea and they're called RIBBA.

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