8 Pops of Color for Your Home

I've been watching a lot of HGTV lately, and I mean A LOT. But it's been educational: I want a house so I can decorate it; I have a lot of opinions on bathrooms and kitchens; light fixtures can really make or break a space; home owners can be very annoying; and I love a good pop of color.

I spent an alarming amount of time on Pinterest and found tons of pops of color that I love. I managed to narrow it down to eight that inspire the house I own in my head.

1. Yellow + Pink
I love bright colors, but they can be intense if they're everywhere (or so I'm told). I like how the multiple pops of yellow are accompanied by the one pop of pink in this image. It seems cheerful even though the room itself is a rather dark shade of grey.

2. Purple + Blue + Teal
I love the peacock-esque shades of blue and purple in this room! And again, the room itself is pretty dark, but the colors make it cheerful and happy. (And that rug looks so fluffy!)

3. Pink
I love this exterior! I don't know if I would ever be bold enough to go with pink for the door and shutters, but it looks awesome! And it brightens up the outside of this cement house.

4. Orange (+ Pink)
This is a pretty subtle pop, actually. But I like it. The space is very white, so the orange lamps bring in some much needed color. And the pink rug is a nice touch, too!

via BHG

5. Yellow
I had a really hard time not including a ton of yellow pops, but I couldn't skip this one. I love yellow and grey together, and I think it's a great combination for a bathroom.

6. Purple
I LOVE this! This is the best shade of purple, and I love that someone used it on the exterior of their house! It's so cheerful, and it looks great with the flowers on the steps, too.

7. Red
I think red can be tricky, at least for me (which is funny because the pop of color in my living room is red...). But I think this is a great use of color because it isn't too overpowering, but it still brightens up this grey bathroom.

8. Rainbow!
This is obviously a little intense, but isn't it amazing?! It's so colorful! It's probably not realistic, but it's great to look at.