Adventures in Baking: Fudgy Brownies


Sometimes, you just need a brownie. No? Just me? Last Thursday I was really craving brownies, but it happened to be in the middle of a snowstorm and I was missing some key ingredients. But I made it happen on Friday.

I got this recipe from the same blogger who created those amazing Nutella stuffed sugar cookies, and I can assure you she knows what she's doing with these magical desserts. Before Friday, all of my brownie-making experiences were of the boxed variety, but these have changed my life.

First of all, the recipe was so straightforward that it made me wonder why I've never made brownies from scratch before. And they tasted AMAZING. They're probably 50% fudge and 50% brownie, but that's most likely because I underbaked them a little too much. But I'm not complaining.

The batter was delicious too! Not that I eat brownie batter if that's what you're thinking. But come on, you have to scrape the bowl clean and lick the spatula, right?

I ended up giving most of them to my parents just because I didn't need to have a pan of brownies on hand, but I kind of regret that and I'm considering making another batch this evening...


  1. These look AMAZING. If you're ever in a bind again, your co-workers would be happy to talk some (all) off your hands.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty sure I'll be bringing these into work in the near future :)