Mani Monday #3: Frozen


You see that clean, white background? Yeah, that's snow. And I'm kind of tired of it. Someone needs to let mother nature know it's March. Thankfully, this week is supposed to be warmer. While I'm not ready for gross summer heat, I wouldn't mind lighter jackets and less no snow.

But enough about the weather. Last week, I received two separate Julep shipments on the same day. It was nail polish heaven and basically Christmas. This is one of those colors -- I was overwhelmed by the options and struggled to choose, but for some reason, the light blue shade was really speaking to me. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's such a nice shade and it has some shimmer to it. It also kind of reminds me of Frozen, so it seemed fitting for a snow day.

I also decided it was extremely important to go outside in the snow in my pajamas to take this picture. #Priorities, am I right?

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