My Favorite Things: Long Necklaces

Jewelry has always been a struggle for me. I love it, but for some reason I don't frequently wear it. I've been working hard to change that recently, and in that process I've learned that I love long necklaces. They're so easy! They don't require much thought, yet they add so much to an outfit. And considering I tend to wear a lot of all black, a long necklace adds a nice pop.

As I work to grow my (currently modest) collection of long necklaces, I wanted to share some of my favorite acquisitions with you.

DIY Baubles
I'm actually super proud to say that I made this one! I had a fair amount of assistance from Lindsay, who was lovely enough to let me use her awesome bead collection, but I love that I can say no one else has this exact necklace. I'm also a huge owl fan, so the fact that I was able to add an owl into the mix made it even better.

Wooden Geography
If something is in the shape of a state, chances are I have to have it. I found Ottava Designs' shop on Etsy and loved that they make state and country charms out of real wood. I couldn't decide on just one, so I ended up buying three charms -- Maryland (where I'm from), Mississippi (where my mom is from), and Iran (where my dad is from). I haven't worn the Maryland one because its awkward shape prevents the necklace from laying well, but I can always swap the charms around depending on my mood.

Neon Sparkle
I spotted this one at Loft a few months ago and fell in love instantly. As much as I love Loft, I avoid buying their jewelry because it tends to be a little expensive for what it is. But, they had a 40% off sale recently, so I decided that since I still loved it, it was time to get it. It's hard to tell in the picture above, but the yellow and pinkish beads are neon, which I think will make it a fun piece to wear in the summer.

Chunky and Funky
These three are less dainty than the others (if you can call wooden states dainty...). The far left necklace was a Macy's find last year. I don't usually shop at Macy's but I was there with a friend and couldn't resist this bright, chunky necklace. I don't find many opportunities to wear it, unfortunately, but I still love it. The middle necklace is from Loft Outlet. Up close, it definitely looks cheap (and it was cheap!), but I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. The fact that it's mostly clear with just small hints of icy blue and grey makes it pretty versatile. Finally, the necklace on the right is from Bauble Bar, and I managed to snag it when it was a buried bauble (on sale). It' extra long -- it goes beyond the top of my pants (possibly because I'm short). I haven't worn it much either, but I think it's a great option to dress up a simple dress.

I'm always on the lookout for more necklaces to add to my collection, or even just cute pendants to put on a chain I already have. And now that I know how to make my own necklaces, maybe I just need to go bead shopping. :)

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