Super Easy DIY Bead Bracelets

I've always been drawn to the bead aisle in craft stores. I don't have a ton of experience making jewelry (although I did make an adorable necklace that one time), but I've always wanted an excuse to buy cute beads.

On a recent trip to JoAnn Fabrics (where my friend and I managed to spend three hours roaming the store), I found some beads that I refused to live without. I thought the colors were so interesting and I knew they would make cute bracelets.

I brought the bracelet-making supplies with me to Lindsay's place while we photographed a different tutorial, and she was kind enough to photograph this one as well. I mean it when I say it's a super easy DIY. It cost about $10 and took no more than 10 minutes. Here's all you'll need to make your own beaded bracelets.

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Mani Monday #10: Snow in April

It's not actually snowing here, but this manicure reminds me of snow. I'm keeping with the sparkle theme I started last week, but this one is even more subtle. It's kind of hard to really see the sparkles, but they certainly catch the light, which is what I was going for.

White is a strange nail polish color for me. It's not one of my usual go-tos, but sometimes I find myself really drawn to it. I think the reason I don't do it often is because it reminds me of elementary or middle school when I would paint my nails with White Out. Is that something you did too? No? Just me? Cool.
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What I'm Watching #5: Justified

It seemed fitting to discuss Justified just after the series finale aired, but I figure better late than never. Even though the show is over, you can certainly go back and watch it from the beginning--and I strongly suggest you do! It's free to stream via Amazon Prime. But what's it about? I'm so glad you asked. :)

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Planting a Succulent Garden

I mentioned recently that I bought some succulents to create my own little succulent garden, and now it's officially complete! I'm really happy with how it turned out!

The hardest part, surprisingly enough, was finding a planter for it. At first I was firmly against an unpainted terra cotta pot and wanted something glazed and pretty. I bought one, but it turned out to be too small. And since I had to go back to the drawing board, I also decided I'd rather have something more natural and earthy. I found my new planter at HomeGoods (my favorite store) and liked the stoney look it has. It looks natural but still pretty, and it's shallow and round which is exactly what I wanted, too.

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Mani Monday #9: Neutral Sparkles

Confession: This is an old picture. But this is the nail polish combination I'll be wearing this week, I'm just going to paint my nails tonight because I didn't get to it yesterday. I like this combination because the pink is very neutral and subtle -- it would be completely appropriate for an important business meeting, for example, if it didn't have sparkles on it. So, of course, I add the sparkles because I don't have any important business meetings this week. :)
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DIY Lilly Pulitzer for Target Pompom Scarf

Unless you've been avoiding the internet, you've probably heard about the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection that's launching on Sunday. I'm already eyeing a few dresses, tops, shorts, several of the items in the home collection...basically I want all the things. 

But as a lover and frequent wearer of scarves, I was particularly excited about the pompom and tassel scarves in the collection. After perusing the lookbook with my friend Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus, we decided to give this the DIY treatment! So if you can't wait for the collection to come out, or if the scarf you had your eye on sold out right away, or if you just prefer to recreate it with a different fabric, we've got you covered!

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf - 2 Styles!

Lindsay and I have not one, but TWO, Lilly Pulitzer scarf knockoff tutorials for you to try! Head over to Lindsay's blog to learn how to create a cotton tasseled scarf, and continue reading here for a slinky pompom tutorial.

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What I'm Watching #4: The Blacklist

I've been on a pretty serious bender of The Blacklist lately. I was only a little late to the game on this one -- the second season was about to begin when I started season 1. My dad actually recommended it to me after he stumbled upon it on Netflix, and before I knew it I was binging it pretty hard.

I'm sure you're somewhat familiar with the show since it's pretty popular right now. But in a nutshell, James Spader plays a guy named Reddington who's one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives. He becomes an informant in exchange for immunity and insists he work only with Agent Keen. Even she isn't sure why he requests her since she has never interacted with him before in her life (to her knowledge...).

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Mani Monday #8: Hot Pink

I decided to go for something bright this week, in case you couldn't tell by the very vibrant picture. I've been in a pink mood recently and this color magically appeared in the mail, so the timing worked out well. The color is even nicer in person, I think. If you're in the market for a bright shade of pink, especially now that it's almost summer, this one is worth checking out. (Another good option is China Glaze's Purple Panic).

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Succulent Garden Inspiration

Photo via a pair & a spare

I've been really into plants recently. I'm probably the most surprised by this than anyone considering I've killed every plant I've ever had. I had a blue orchid and basically murdered it (unintentionally, I swear), but my dad was able to bring it back to life. It's white now and way prettier than ever. I had a geranium (named Gerry) and he's no longer alive either.

But I think I can do better now! I recently bought a fern (named Fern) and I'm determined to keep her alive. Meet Fern:

Now I really want to branch out into succulents. I've been looking at pictures online of all the different ways to arrange them, and I'm feeling very inspired. I bought several succulents earlier this week, and a pot to plant them in, so now I just have to do it. Until then, here are some of the arrangements I found online that really spoke to me.

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10 Countries I Want to Visit

I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling recently, and the more time that passes, the more I want to do it. Growing up, I was lucky and got to go on some amazing trips. My dad always told me I’d appreciate those experiences one day, and he was not kidding.

Now that I’m older, I not only want to revisit some places I’ve seen—like London, Paris, Barcelona and Zermatt—but I want to go to so many more places! Here’s a look at just 10 countries I’d love to visit one day. (And this list is by no means exhaustive! It’s also not in any particular order.)

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Mani Monday #7: Sheer & Neutral

Sometimes after weeks of funky colored manicures, a girl just needs something simple and neutral. Last weekend I had a friend visiting who had the nicest sheer pink manicure with a sparkle accent. The sheerness really spoke to me, and I immediately tried to replicate it. My first attempt was cute, but it wasn't as sheer as I wanted. But then I remembered I had this lovely shade of pink and all was right in the world.

I didn't add the sparkle this time because I loved how classic the pink was by itself. I think this is going to be a standard go-to color for me from now on.
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Chicken Stir Fry: Simple and Yummy

It's no secret that cooking isn't my strong suit, but I'm trying to do better! I decided to take a stab at a simple chicken stir fry -- I figured it's hard to mess that up. I didn't follow a recipe; I just went to the grocery store and picked the veggies that spoke the most to me. 

I opted for broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers (red, orange and yellow, because I like color), green beans, carrots and asparagus. I also bought water chestnuts but managed to forget to put them in, even though they were sitting on the counter staring me in the face. You could also add mushrooms, peas, zucchini...really anything you want. In addition to the veggies, I decided to include some pasta (I do love a good carb...) and chicken. 

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