Super Easy DIY Bead Bracelets


I've always been drawn to the bead aisle in craft stores. I don't have a ton of experience making jewelry (although I did make an adorable necklace that one time), but I've always wanted an excuse to buy cute beads.

On a recent trip to JoAnn Fabrics (where my friend and I managed to spend three hours roaming the store), I found some beads that I refused to live without. I thought the colors were so interesting and I knew they would make cute bracelets.

I brought the bracelet-making supplies with me to Lindsay's place while we photographed a different tutorial, and she was kind enough to photograph this one as well. I mean it when I say it's a super easy DIY. It cost about $10 and took no more than 10 minutes. Here's all you'll need to make your own beaded bracelets.

  • Beads (any color/style you want; enough to wrap around your wrist)
  • Stretchy jelly cord
  • Tape measure
  • E6000 glue
  • Scissors
  • A bracelet you already own (optional, used to determine length for your new bracelet)
Note: The supply list contains affiliate links, which means I could get a small commission if you buy something. It won't cost you anything extra.

Step 1:   Use the tape measure to measure the bracelet you already own. This will tell you about how long you want your new bracelet to be. You can skip this step if you want and just measure your new bracelet around your wrist as you make it.

Step 2:   Thread the beads onto the jelly cord, making sure to keep an eye on the opposite end of the cord so the beads don't fall off. Use enough beads so the bracelet fits around your wrist. The cord is stretchy, so measure it to your wrist, not to the wide part of your hand (otherwise it'll be too loose).

Step 3:   Once you have as many beads on the cord as you want, bring the two ends together and tie the cord in a knot. Here's a video on how to tie a secure knot in the stretchy cord. You can add a dot of glue to the knot, too, for extra hold. The video goes over that step as well.

That's it! Just trim the excess cord off once it's knotted and your bracelet is ready to wear!


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