Crafty Inspiration: 10 Craft Projects to Try This Summer

I've always enjoyed crafting, even if I'm not a pro at it. And I've always wanted to be one of those amazing crafty, artistic people who effortlessly make amazing things. I'm not quite there, but I'm definitely working on it!

I always find tons of craft ideas online that I want to try. In fact, I've gathered a solid 300+ ideas on my DIY & Fun Ideas Pinterest board.

Here are just a few of the projects I want to try this summer (slash into the fall...I don't want to limit myself or anything).

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I *will* use this Crock Pot!

Wayyyyyyyyy back in January (ok, so January wasn't that long ago but it definitely feels like it was), I told you about how I got a Crock Pot and made some mediocre chicken noodle soup in it. Remember? Of course you do.

I followed that up with my first attempt at Persian cooking, but I haven't used the Crock Pot since, and that is just unacceptable! UNACCEPTABLE. It probably thinks I forgot it exists. You know, if Crock Pots could think...

I had a lovely Memorial Day with my dear, dear friend Alla (you should probably follow her kittens on Instagram), and we started talking about how we used to have these Crock Pot nights where we'd go to each other's houses and have dinner prepared in (you guessed it) the Crock Pot.

I just described that as a very two-way situation, but let me clarify: Alla cooked, and I ate. The Crock Pot nights only ever took place at her house, never at mine. In my defense, I didn't have a Crock Pot at the time. But I digress...my point here is we decided we need to reinstate that "tradition" now that we, in fact, both can host the dinners.

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Mani Monday #13: Spicy

I've heard a lot of people say they love OPI's Cajun Shrimp, so the fact that I had never worn it needed to be rectified. For my birthday a few months ago, a friend of mine gave me a 10-pack of mini OPI shades, and Cajun Shrimp was one of them! This past weekend was the perfect time to test it out because I needed a coraly red color for a bridal shower I went to on Saturday (more on that later). I see why people like it. I'm not sure it'll be my go-to summer shade, but I'm sure I'll find another occasion to wear it.
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DIY Mother's Day Mug

I decided to go the DIY route for Mother's Day this year. In true supportive mom fashion, she likes my crafty gifts, so it seemed like the perfect idea. That, and she drinks a lot of coffee.

I got this idea from a Michael's email, actually, but I adapted it a tiny bit. It didn't seem like too hard of a craft, and I liked that I could use whatever colors I wanted. My mom loves purple, so that wasn't a hard choice. The steps are easy, but I'll share them with you anyway :)

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RIP Blueberry: Gone but not forgotten

My fish, Blueberry, passed away after only four short months with me. I got him for my birthday in January and became very attached to him, so it was devastating to come home from work yesterday and see that he died.

I'm not sure what happened. I took care of him, made sure he had clean water, fed him. My apartment had been warm lately since the building hadn't turn the AC on, but it wasn't that warm so I don't think that was it.

I guess I'll never know. Maybe he was an elderly fish and I just didn't know it. Regardless, I'll miss my sweet Blueberry and how he used to excitedly stare at me when he knew I was dropping his food in. I hope he's in a place now full of yummy food and lots of plants for him to hide behind (he liked that).

Thanks, Lindsay, for this memorial sketch of Blueberry. I think he would've liked it :)

UPDATE: Blueberry was very loved! My friend, Julie, wrote him this lovely poem today:

To the greatest fish that ever swam,
Your bowl was a kingdom,
Much like a dam.

We’ll miss your blueness and your spunk,
Bringing you home,
Was a baller slam dunk. 

At the pearly gates in the sea, you’ll be straight lazin’ 
And they’ll greet you like a boss, 
as Mr. Blue Raisin.
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Mani Monday #12: Feeling Mod

Mod About You by OPI may be my favorite nail polish color. It's pastel but also bright, it's festive but still pretty neutral. It's perfect, is what I'm trying to say. It's a fantastic spring color, but of course I wear it year round. It's been awhile since I've worn it though, so I dusted it off this week and it's even better than I remembered.
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My Week in Denver

If you follow me on Instagram, you have my noticed I recently took a trip to Denver. Denver has been on my list of places to visit for awhile now, and I just so happen to have some family there.

I spent the week hanging out with my cousin, her husband, and their (super sweet) daughter (#allthecousins!). I hadn't seen my cousin in 13 years (whoa), and I hadn't even met her husband and daughter, so it was a way overdue trip.

In addition to the quality time, I got to see some sights. I tried to narrow my pictures down a bit for this post, but it was harder than I anticipated. So let's jump right in!

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Mani Monday #11: Light + Dark

I was in Denver last week visiting family and being a tourist (more on that later), and midway through the trip I had picked off my entire manicure (typical for me, actually). My cousin would not stand for unpainted nails, so she and I did at-home manis with some of her colors. I couldn't choose between these two, so I decided to go with the neutral shade (Brigitte) for 8 of my nails and the dark sparkly number (Yuna) for the accent. I wasn't sure about how a light color would look with such a dark accent, but I was quite fond of the end result. Even though I had two very dark nails, it didn't seem to draw a lot of attention, which I liked.
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