My Week in Denver


If you follow me on Instagram, you have my noticed I recently took a trip to Denver. Denver has been on my list of places to visit for awhile now, and I just so happen to have some family there.

I spent the week hanging out with my cousin, her husband, and their (super sweet) daughter (#allthecousins!). I hadn't seen my cousin in 13 years (whoa), and I hadn't even met her husband and daughter, so it was a way overdue trip.

In addition to the quality time, I got to see some sights. I tried to narrow my pictures down a bit for this post, but it was harder than I anticipated. So let's jump right in!

On my first day, I went to an elementary school dodgeball game, which was actually pretty entertaining. I wasn't prepared for the millions of screaming children, but otherwise it was a good time.

My cousin's daughter (who I realize is also my cousin, but I'm trying to avoid names...they're not as into internet fame as I am (#lol)) is very active. On top of dodgeball, she also plays tennis. Her lessons are at the University of Colorado in Boulder, so I had a great excuse to check Boulder out, too.

It turns out I'm not really cool enough for Boulder. It's a really nice town and it's super pretty, but I don't think I'm enough of a hipster to pull it off. Denver was more my speed, but I definitely recommend checking Boulder out if you're in that area.

While my cousin was playing tennis, her mom and I took a walk down Pearl Street so I could get the full Boulder experience. We popped into some shops, I got a souvenir t-shirt...overall, it was a successful hour.

Over the weekend we went to downtown Denver, which I loved. There are a lot of apartment buildings that look really awesome from the outside. I kept noticing how modern and detailed they were, and it made me want to live in all of them. Fun fact: Rentals in Denver are shockingly expensive. Coming from the DC area, I expected the prices to be at least somewhat lower, but they really weren't.

We walked across the bridge in the picture above. It crosses over the interstate, so the bridge was pretty much steadily vibrating. It was also kind of neat to stand over all the driving cars. (I'm pretty easily entertained, as it turns out).

That might be my favorite picture from the week. Father-daughter hand-holding....gets me every time!

A day trip to Vail
On the Sunday I was there, we took a day trip up to Vail. Unfortunately it was the worst weather day of my trip. Compared to DC it wasn't awful -- just a little chilly and rainy -- but for that area it really sucked. It took us awhile to decide between going to Vail or Colorado Springs for the day, but the forecast in Vail was slightly better so it won. I'll hit Colorado Springs on my next trip. Side note: The road signs for Colorado Springs say "Colo Spgs" so I now exclusively call it "Colo Spigs." It'll totally catch on, I know it.

Vail reminded me so much of Switzerland. It's an adorable ski town with cobblestone everywhere and very chalet-looking buildings. I'm so bummed the weather sucked because it made it kind of challenging to really soak it all in. Also, my trip fell right in between the two main seasons -- ski season and hiking/biking season. Most places were shut down, but I still got the idea. It just means I may need to go back there again on a future trip.

So, in summary, my trip was fantastic! It was the right mix of relaxing and sight-seeing so I wasn't exhausted when I got home, but I also didn't feel like I missed an opportunity to see a new place.

That's me on my last full day there :). I was sad when the week ended (and not just because the weather was amazing on the day I left), but I'll definitely be going back again. It's been awhile since I've visited a new place, and it totally rekindled my desire to travel. Hopefully there will be some more of that in my near future!

We took the scenic route on the drive to the airport. Even though the grass was a little dead, I couldn't leave without a picture of the view. I risked dropping my phone out of a moving car's window to get this picture, so I can't not share it.

And now I'll leave you with two miniature objects I stumbled upon on day one. A mini Toblerone (as delicious as it is cute) and a mini rug! The mini rug kills me...it's a coaster, and it's the best coaster I've ever seen in my life (and I know a thing or two about coasters...).

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