RIP Blueberry: Gone but not forgotten


My fish, Blueberry, passed away after only four short months with me. I got him for my birthday in January and became very attached to him, so it was devastating to come home from work yesterday and see that he died.

I'm not sure what happened. I took care of him, made sure he had clean water, fed him. My apartment had been warm lately since the building hadn't turn the AC on, but it wasn't that warm so I don't think that was it.

I guess I'll never know. Maybe he was an elderly fish and I just didn't know it. Regardless, I'll miss my sweet Blueberry and how he used to excitedly stare at me when he knew I was dropping his food in. I hope he's in a place now full of yummy food and lots of plants for him to hide behind (he liked that).

Thanks, Lindsay, for this memorial sketch of Blueberry. I think he would've liked it :)

UPDATE: Blueberry was very loved! My friend, Julie, wrote him this lovely poem today:

To the greatest fish that ever swam,
Your bowl was a kingdom,
Much like a dam.

We’ll miss your blueness and your spunk,
Bringing you home,
Was a baller slam dunk. 

At the pearly gates in the sea, you’ll be straight lazin’ 
And they’ll greet you like a boss, 
as Mr. Blue Raisin.

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