Mani Monday #16: Vampires and Polka Dots

I mentioned last week that you'd soon be seeing My Vampire is Buff on this blog since it's one of my favorite colors -- and here it is! I must confess, I still have last week's gel polish on (9 days! Impressive for me!), so this is an old picture.

I love this buff shade. It's a really interesting color yet it's still neutral, making it very versatile. The pop of sparkle makes it fun, of course. Sometimes I put the sparkle on all the nails, but that can be a bit overwhelming. And sometimes I don't use the sparkle at all. Either way, I've gotten a lot of use out of both of these colors and can't recommend them enough!
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Mani Monday #15: Pink Sparkles

Yes, I know. This color is very similar to last week's color. Both are pink, both are sparkly. But hear me out: I had an Amazon Local deal for a gel manicure that was about to expire, and I'm about to go on a trip for work and didn't want to go crazy with my nail color. I was torn between this and My Vampire Is Buff, which is a favorite of mine (and a color you'll undoubtedly see on this blog soon). But I've never worn this exact color, so I decided to give it a shot.

My goal is to make this manicure last at least two weeks. Full disclosure: I say this every single time I get a gel manicure, and I always end up picking it off sooner. But the woman who did this did a really good job. I don't see any areas where the polish looks like it'll lift soon, so I'm optimistic I can actually make this one last!
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What I'm Watching #6: Murder in the First

Murder in the First may be one of the lesser known shows I watch, at least based on conversations I've had with people. It's on TNT, which isn't necessarily a channel I think about when I think of original programming. A friend told me about it last year when it started -- she's a big Taye Diggs fan, so this show was right up her alley.

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Mani Monday #14: A Sparkly Princess

I know, I know. It's technically Tuesday, making my Mani Monday post a bit incorrect. I'll do better next week, hopefully. I wanted something light and pink and sparkly, so I opted for this color. It's a little more iridescent than I was expecting, but that's ok. It just means I'll be extra shimmery this week. :)
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