Mani Monday #19: Jelly

I seem to always go between crazy colors and super neutral shades, and right now is a neutral moment. I bought an at-home gel manicure set for a whopping $15 (what up, Costco!) the other day, but I managed to peel all of the polish off during a work meeting (oops). As expected, my nails were all jacked up from the gel, so all I wanted was a neutral shade to just hide the damage.

Enter: Julep Ming. It's one of their "jelly" shades. I'm not really sure what that means, but it's a very sheer color as you can see. I really like it though. I'm planning to alternate between this and OPI Bubble Bath when I want something simple.

I have plans tonight with Alla to get a gel manicure -- might as well tear my nails up some more before they get better. I can't decide if  I want something bright or light. Stay tuned!

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DIY Pin-up Girl-Themed Centerpieces

Last month, one of my good friends -- who I've known since 5th grade (fifth grade, you guys!) -- got married. And the month before that, she had a bridal shower. I know what you're thinking. I'm a wee bit behind on this post, right? I know. It's fine. Better late than never, right?

I was so touched when Una (the bride) asked me to be in her wedding. She had a solid group of bridesmaids who are awesome, creative, generous, and just really sweet ladies. Una wanted her bridal shower to be pin-up girl themed, so that's what she got!

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Mani Monday #18: Crazy Mosaic of Colors

This week's mani is a little out of control, and I love it. After being inspired by a recent Julep picture on Instagram, Lindsay created this geometric masterpiece on my nails. The best part is, it's not even nail polish! She used various acrylic paints and voila -- multicolored neon nails. (Also, yes. I am cradling a pineapple statue like a baby. It felt right in the moment and I stand by it.)

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That time I chopped my hair off

I made a spontaneous decision a couple weeks ago to chop my hair off, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

This is how it started: I was in Orlando for work, and I posted a picture on Instagram of me and a friend, and my hair did not look good. It might've just been in my head, but it looked stringy and thin and just way too long.

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All the pretty flowers

I really like flowers, you guys. They're just really pretty. I wish I could have a garden of beautiful flowers, but keeping plants alive isn't really my strong suit.

I've gone on some walks around my parents' neighborhood with my dad this spring/summer -- not nearly as often as I probably should, but that's a separate conversation. On these walks, my dad and I are always stopping and taking pictures. For me, it's usually of pretty flowers; for my dad, it's usually of the buildings and houses.

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Mani Monday #17: Bold

You guys, I am obsessed with these colors. I can't even pretend to be cool about it, I basically want to wear them all the time. I bought these along with a really interesting green (which is bound to appear here in the future) and couldn't wait to try them. Of course, the timing wasn't great because I had a work trip and felt that bold blues and purples may not be the most appropriate nail colors.

When I was finally able to test the new colors, I couldn't decide where to start. I opted for 9 blue nails and 1 purple nail because that felt like the obvious solution, right? :) This picture doesn't even do the colors justice. I love them so much! The only downside is the blue really stained my nails (even though I used a base coat). If I didn't love it so much, I would say it's not worth it, but it totally is.
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4th of July in New York City

Did you see that little firework in the picture above? Just wanted to point it out in case you missed it. :)

I went to New York City for 4th of July weekend this year, and it was a blast. My friend Yelena lives up there, so I try to visit pretty regularly. Ordinarily I would avoid going up on a holiday weekend, but as far as holidays go, this one is pretty painless. Most people in NYC leave the city, so it's a ghost town. 

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