DIY Pin-up Girl-Themed Centerpieces


Last month, one of my good friends -- who I've known since 5th grade (fifth grade, you guys!) -- got married. And the month before that, she had a bridal shower. I know what you're thinking. I'm a wee bit behind on this post, right? I know. It's fine. Better late than never, right?

I was so touched when Una (the bride) asked me to be in her wedding. She had a solid group of bridesmaids who are awesome, creative, generous, and just really sweet ladies. Una wanted her bridal shower to be pin-up girl themed, so that's what she got!

The shower was full of reds and purples, ginghams and polka dots, red lips and high-waisted pants. It was pretty awesome. Everyone really brought their A-game when it came to contributing. The fact that I only made centerpieces kind of felt like I was slacking. One of the other bridesmaids made a Pinterest-inspired (and Pinterest-worthy!) cake out of cupcakes laid out in the shape of a wedding dress. I'm telling you -- A-game!

DIY Centerpieces

But back to the centerpieces! We decided to stay with reds and purples for the colors, but surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly), it was hard to find red flowers and purple flowers that looked good together. I was also limited because I decided to use fake flowers. It was a risky decision, but I needed to do the crafting in advance. I struggled with the decision for awhile because real flowers are obviously much prettier, but this just made more sense given the circumstances.

Because I couldn't find red and purple flowers that looked right together, I opted to focus on purple flowers and incorporate the red a different way. Una likes mason jars, so I used red mason jars as vases, added some black sheer ribbon for some sassiness, and stuck pictures of pin-up girls in each centerpiece. People seemed to like them so I'll call it a success.

Supplies (for 6 centerpieces)
  • 3 yards of  54" wide tulle (the amount will vary based on the width. I used red)
  • 6 mason jars (clear ones would work, but I used red)
  • Black sheer wired ribbon 
  • Card holders
  • Fake flowers (either bunches or individual stems, depending on what you're going for)
  • 6 different pictures of pin-up girls
Note: The supply list contains affiliate links, which means I could get a small commission if you buy something. It won't cost you anything extra.

Assembly was pretty straightforward, and the general idea can be adjusted based on different themes or color combinations.

Step 1:    Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie a bow around the neck of the mason jar. 

Step 2:    Cut a generous piece of tulle (I used about half a yard of the 54" wide fabric) and stuff it inside the mason jar. I used red tulle in a red jar to really make the color pop. Depending on what you're going for, you can adjust the colors or omit this step. 

Step 3:    Arrange the flowers in the mason jar. In my case, I had to cut the bottoms of the stems so they wouldn't stick out too far. 

Step 4:    Take one of the card holders and place it in the center of the arrangement. If it doesn't stand well on its own, you may want to take the flowers out, put a drop of hot glue on the bottom of the card holder and stick it in the jar, and then put the flowers back in. Once it's in, put a pin-up picture in the holder. 

That's it! I'd love to see centerpiece creations you've made, if you have any.

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