Mani Monday #18: Crazy Mosaic of Colors


This week's mani is a little out of control, and I love it. After being inspired by a recent Julep picture on Instagram, Lindsay created this geometric masterpiece on my nails. The best part is, it's not even nail polish! She used various acrylic paints and voila -- multicolored neon nails. (Also, yes. I am cradling a pineapple statue like a baby. It felt right in the moment and I stand by it.)

Hand-painting this design is certainly not a quick manicure option, but it looks awesome. I clearly went in a bright direction, but I bet it would look awesome with deep colors and maybe a pop of sparkle or metallic. I'll revisit that idea in the fall.

Meanwhile, here I am being silly with a cactus.

Thanks to Lindsay for also taking awesome pictures of the finished mani :)

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