Mani Monday #19: Jelly


I seem to always go between crazy colors and super neutral shades, and right now is a neutral moment. I bought an at-home gel manicure set for a whopping $15 (what up, Costco!) the other day, but I managed to peel all of the polish off during a work meeting (oops). As expected, my nails were all jacked up from the gel, so all I wanted was a neutral shade to just hide the damage.

Enter: Julep Ming. It's one of their "jelly" shades. I'm not really sure what that means, but it's a very sheer color as you can see. I really like it though. I'm planning to alternate between this and OPI Bubble Bath when I want something simple.

I have plans tonight with Alla to get a gel manicure -- might as well tear my nails up some more before they get better. I can't decide if  I want something bright or light. Stay tuned!

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