That time I chopped my hair off


I made a spontaneous decision a couple weeks ago to chop my hair off, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

This is how it started: I was in Orlando for work, and I posted a picture on Instagram of me and a friend, and my hair did not look good. It might've just been in my head, but it looked stringy and thin and just way too long.

At that point, my hair was the longest it had been in a really long time. Possibly ever. That's because I'm impatient and get bored easily, and I usually cut inches off my hair before it ever gets that long. I think because my hair is kind of thin, it doesn't look great at really long lengths. But I had been in a few weddings and needed to keep the length so I could get my hair styled into updos more easily. Priorities, you know?

So, as soon as I saw this picture, I texted my friend's mom (aka my hairdresser) and made an appointment for the day I got back from the trip. I showed her a picture from a couple years ago when she cut my hair pretty short, and I asked her to do it again.

Because she also colored it (#greyhairproblems), she decided to cut most of the length off first so she wasn't coloring a ton of hair she was ultimately going to cut. She literally grabbed my hair into a ponytail and just cut it off. It was shocking and exciting. Then she colored it and cleaned up the cut afterward.

Somehow it ended up shorter than the picture from before, but I like it. I can't really pull it up easily, so that's taking some getting used to, but otherwise I'm happy. It looks thicker, it feels healthier, and it's different. I like different.

Now I think I want to get highlights...