Mani Monday #22: Trying DIY Gel


Remember that time I said I got an at-home gel manicure system for super cheap? Well, I tried it out again (this time without peeling it off right away, go me!), and I must say, it's pretty legit.

It came with 4 colors -- pale pink, pale purple, glittery blue, and this shade of bright green. These polishes are all-in-one, so they don't require a base coat or a top coat. I wasn't sure about that at first, but they're actually very shiny and feel just like any gel manicure I've gotten in a salon. Of course if I want to broaden my gel color selection, I'll have to either stick with all-in-one shades or invest in top and base coats, since the kit didn't come with those.

I always love the idea of gel manicures, but ultimately I manage to get bored and peel them off much sooner than I should, making the $35 price tag a big waste. This at-home version is a good alternative for my budget and my short attention span.

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