Mani Monday #23: Stealing the Show

I'm doing something a little different this week. That hand in the picture above isn't mine. Gasp! I know, crazy right? It's actually my friend, Ingrid. We went to get pedicures recently and she ended up also getting a gel manicure, and I'm obsessed with the color she chose.

She'd tell you herself that she isn't usually the person who would pick this color, but it spoke to her. I get it -- it's amazing! And since I love the color so much, I figured I would spotlight her awesome manicure for this week's Mani Monday.
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Take Me Back to San Francisco

I. Love. San Francisco. I've known this since I was 12 and first visited. I loved that I needed a light jacket in August, because anyone who knows me can tell you I love cool weather. I'm the person complaining in the 90-degree heat and loving life in the 20-degree chill.

I went back to San Francisco when I was 19 and again when I was 20. My friend, Yelena, lived there for awhile and I took that opportunity to visit the land of perfect weather (as I call it). But then Yelena left San Fran and I never had a reason to go back. Until this month.

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Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

I want to preface this post by saying this "recipe" is extremely adjustable. I was inspired on a recent trip to NYC, where my friend was preparing Thai shrimp lettuce wraps for a BBQ she was going to. In her case, she prepared each ingredient separately and made an assembly line where people could build their own wraps.

In this case, I went to Alla's house to meet her new baby kittens (aka the cutest creatures I've ever seen in my life), and we decided to make a variation of the lettuce wraps. We mixed all the ingredients together into a mixture of delicious, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

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