Favorite Things: Greeting Cards by Julie Yegen


Greeting cards are one of my (not so) new favorite things. I've always liked those fancypants Papyrus cards with the embellishments, but more recently I've found myself drawn to the funny cards with pop culture references, or quotes from my favorite movies.

So you can imaging my excitement when my friend Julie launched her own greeting card Etsy shop! She has several amazing cards for basically any event. It's hard to pick my favorites, but I'm going to try to pick a few to show you. You should just head over to her shop and look at all of them.

This one doesn't need an explanation.

Possibly (definitely) my new favorite holiday card.

Highly recommend this if you want to step up your thank-you card game.

I received this card for my birthday earlier this year and I love it. It's still hanging in my office.

And finally, another one that doesn't need an explanation.

So, as you can see, they're pretty awesome. She also has a buy 3 get one 1 free deal happening...just saying.


  1. Nicole! It is an honor and a privilege for my cards to be spotlighted here. Thank you!

    1. You're so welcome! Your cards are amazing, so of course I must share them!