What I'm Watching #8: Bones


I've been a Bones fan for many years now. I didn't start watching it when it was first on, but I caught up on it several years ago and have been an avid follower ever since. I'm not sure why, but for the past week I've been really into rewatching random episodes on Netflix. I'm not going in any particular order, which is even stranger for me, but I've been coming home from work and watching a handful of episodes almost every evening.

If you aren't familiar with the show, then you've probably been living under a rock. Hello and welcome to 2015! Just kidding. Kind of. Anyway, this is another cop show, which we've established are totally my thing. The FBI works with the Jeffersonian Institute (a play on the Smithsonian, I would imagine) to solve murders. There's more to it than than but don't let me spoil anything for you.

I think one of the things that drew me into it at first is that it's set in the Washington, DC area. Given I'm from that area, I like hearing them talk about places I'm super familiar with, as well as made up places I know aren't real. But even if you aren't from DC you'll enjoy the show.

The first 10 seasons (yes, ten seasons) are on Netflix, and season 11 is airing now. Get on it!

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